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Don’t be held hostage by online giants and brokerages, set your spend, set your pace and control your online success.

How Our Clients Grow & Crush Their Goals

Facebook Ads

  • 65% of your site traffic spends time on FB
  • Best Listing Ad Platform
  • Customize Your Presence
  • Remarket & Boost your Brand
  • Low Cost of Entry

Google Ads

  • The Leader In Traffic
  • Compete/Beat Zillow
  • Instant Leads
  • 200 Million Clicks A Day
  • Laser Focused Campaigns

Microsoft Ads

  • Has An Older Demographic
  • Less Competition = Lower Costs
  • Shows In Bing, Yahoo, & AOL
  • Great Branding Opportunities
  • Greater Chance Of Instant Conversation

Define Goals

We establish what your goals are and what the timelines for those are.


Build Your Plan

Based on your goals, we create a game plan with defined costs and timelines.


Design & Implement

We design, develop, and implement your custom program and start the journey

Read - Report - React

We evaluate your program weekly, get you the reports, and react to your markets

Client Success Stories

Jordan Matin

Broker – Matin Real Estate Group

I have now been using driven leads for about a year. I have used dozens of different firms and sites to try ranking and do Google Ads. With one buyers agent, I am now closing roughly 4 homes a month and as of this week we are now bringing on 2 more buyers agents

Scott Durham

RE Broker at Ferrari Lund Real Estate

Could not be any happier. They dropped my lead cost in half from what my previous campaign manger was doing.They have excellent customer service. Closed and pending I am at 14 transactions so far this year (Its April) From Google PPC and have a fantastic pipeline.

Erin Alls

Founder & Broker of Silicon Beach Homes

Once I started working with Driven Leads my leads turned into Luxury buyers. I have leads now that are looking in the higher end market. From $1M+ I even have had celebrities searching for homes on my site due to Driven Leads. I am thrilled with their work.