So, why exactly do successful Agents / Brokers / Brokerages use Google Ads? Google Ads is the most popular online marketing source in almost every business vertical in the world. Real Estate is no exception to that, regardless of what some might claim with Facebook. I can prove this to be true in two simple words.

Google It.

Sure, that isn’t fair, but neither is the playground in which Google plays. Their reach is massive and covers more ground than any other competitor could even imagine. They aren’t just a search engine to which you look for answers, Google is also covering display ads on your websites you frequent like Times Square billboards, and they own YouTube, which is an entire subject on its own when we talk about marketing.

5 reasons why Google Ads is suitable for any size of business or brokerage:

#1 – Massive Reach – If you wanted to get your ads and your solution in front of someone living in Minneapolis, MN, looking at moving to Austin, TX because the winters are just too cold, Google makes it easy to accomplish that. Never before have you been able to connect to people like that.

#2 – High Intent – You know what they want to do because they are “Googling It” and beginning their journey to find their next home. Search Intent can be harnessed and made very powerful.

#3 – Control the Journey – With Google Ads, you can control the first message they see and where on your site you send them. You can track the entire journey and fix where you might find holes. It’s a living solution that you can adjust on the fly with very little friction.

#4 – Branding – Your brand is your business. Google Ads allows you to ensure whenever and wherever someone looks up your brand; you again can control the content, the journey, and the message.

#5 – Budgets – This is something that you might not be familiar with; Google Ads lets you spend as little or as much as you want! You can come and go as you please. You can run any time of the day, week, the month you feel works best for you. It’s truly a one-size-fits-all solution that can grow with your business.

I think it’s safe to assume that you now understand why successful agents and brokers use Google Ads in their marketing arsenal in today’s environment. These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg, and as our clients dive into the solution, we will typically expand on so many other avenues to grow.

BONUS REASON – Tracking – Google allows you to see exactly when, where, why, & how a lead came to your site. You can also track that through the buying process and follow a true ROI for your business. Tracking is the main reason your peers start their Google Ads journey.