“I’ve been running Google Ads for three weeks now; why don’t I have any closings??”  If this sounds familiar, read on!  If this does not sound familiar, well-read on anyways, l will go over a few things that can help you improve that ever-important ROI. 

#1 Track Your Sources – Now, this may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many agents don’t know exactly what’s working and what’s not for them.  With so many different lead sources out there, you want to make sure you understand what each one is and how well they perform individually.  Overall, you may see that things are going well, but if you’re not paying attention to each source, you may have a weak link wasting money and not know it.   

#2 Ask Questions – There is a TON of data available in your CRM, Analytics, Data Studio reports, etc., and it can be daunting to make sense of it all.  Never hesitate to reach out to your lead provider if you have a question about any of it. It’s hard to decide what’s working and what’s not for you if you don’t comprehend the numbers and KPIs received each week.   It’s your investment on these platforms; it’s best to understand where, how, and why you are spending it. If you have a question, Ask!  

#3 Work the Leads – This may seem obvious but needed to be said.  Work the leads. Not just two phone calls and an email.  You need to have a solid drip campaign in place as you will have buyers at all points of the funnel using your site.   You may get a response right away from a call, email, or text, but that is getting less and less common. Implementing a professional email drip campaign will help passively keep you in front of clients and bump that ROI percentage to the next level.  

#4 Properly Identify Leads – Too many times, I have looked into a CRM to see a lead labeled as “cold” and removed from drip campaigns just because they haven’t responded to initial attempts at contact.  If a lead hasn’t responded but is continuing to use YOUR site to search for homes, that is a buyer waiting to happen.  Let them continue to use the site and get them on a passive drip campaign because when they finally find thhome they’re looking for, you will be their first call.   If someone signs up with a fake name, don’t kick them off if they’re active!  I’ve had agents sell homes to “Mickey Mouse” and the fan-favorite “Go F*** Yourself. 

#5 Be Patient While you can get deals early on, the real secret to ROI is simple. Give it time because if you’re following the previous four tips and can see that activity on your site, you’re on the right path. I have had plenty of check-ins with agents one month, and they haven’t had a closing, then fast forward a few months, and they have multiple in that time frame. And those deals were from leads that came in 6 months ago.   Patience is most definitely a virtue in the Google Ads world. But with these tips in mind, you will be rewarded for that patience with a solid, reliable ROI.