In an online world, when people are searching for a solution to a problem or a product that they know their loved one REALLY needs for a gift, they will almost always check for the highest rated product/solution, and they will scan those reviews to see one that relates to their situation.  People, this is HUGE!

Are you good at what you do? Do you have the best solution, service, widget in the market at the best price? Then why in the world do you NOT have reviews?

Reviews can and will come in every shape/size, and depending on your industry, they could have a review solution that sticks out more than others.  For instance, in the Real Estate industry we commonly work in, Zillow reviews have been king.  In 2020, as Real Estate professionals start to draw a line in the sand on what they give Zillow and what Zillow gives them, we will see the rise of Google My Business reviews, Facebook and Yelp reviews.  If you do not know how to get those review solutions set up and going, then reach out, and we will help direct you.  Today, we are going to cover reviews with How, Why, When, & Where to accomplish your goals.

1 – Make Review Collection a Priority

When you start your relationship with a new customer, it’s essential to establish how reviews are what fuel your business and keep your doors open.  If you already have reviews online, there is a good chance they did their research on you and saw what your other clients are saying about you.  If you have reviews/testimonials on your site, check your website analytics, and I promise you that it’s one of the top pages in your stack for the number of visits it receives.  Make sure everyone in your company understands how important this initiative is and get everyone behind getting reviews to boost the overall perception of your company.

2 – Ask for Reviews Early & Often

Pre-sale, during the sales process, after the completion of your sale, and possibly 6-12 months after that is a great time to get follow-ups.  Why? Well, most importantly, it makes sure you are doing everything you’ve promised your client in the first part, and after the sale, it ensures that you’ve not forgotten anything in closing.  If you run an ongoing service as my company does, then it’s always a good idea to go back and review your work and ask them to rate you on how you’ve done from the start and why they are continuing to use your solution.

Reviews lead to referalls and everyone loves free referalls!

3 – How to Collect Reviews

Make it easy for the client.  Give them options on your site, with links to Google, Yelp, Zillow, & even Linkedin.  If you have your profiles built out on these areas, then it’s as simple as getting a shortcode link and pasting anywhere on your site (Review Driven Leads Now!) for people to go towards. Do you see what I did there? 😉

Collecting reviews needs to be an intricate part of your business, no different than sending invoices or paying bills.  Once you make it a priority, you will start to see the fruits of your labor.  You can even create incentives for your employees to collect reviews, where they get a $100 bonus for every single review they bring in.  If you do something like that, be careful that they aren’t hurting your business to collect a few hundred dollars every month.

Collecting with Emails

  1. Hi Tom, Thanks for your recent purchase, and congrats on saving $xxx while shopping smart.  We’d appreciate it if you took the time to tell the world.  Just CLICK HERE and leave a short, honest review so that others like you know more about our product/solution!
  2. Hi Dan, I just wanted to do a quick follow up with you on your XYZ solution with us and make sure everything is running as well as you expect.  If you’d like to jump on a call, go ahead and pick a time HERE for us to connect. If everything is going better than expected, we’d love it if you could tell others like yourself how the system is working for you.  Just CLICK HERE and do a quick review.  Hope to hear from you soon!
  3. Hi Alan, I know it’s been a while since you purchased XYZ from us, but as you know, we promise all of our clients continued satisfaction long after we part ways.  If you could take a minute and give us honest feedback on how things are going and possibly how we can improve, we’d love to hear from you. Just CLICK HERE and let us know.

Collecting on Social Media

Similar to emails, it’s making a call out to your followers on FB, Instagram, Twitter, & Google to let them know you’d love feedback on how to improve as a business for the people that matter most to you.  Don’t make it sound like work; make it fun and easy for them to respond. If they are online already, and the barrier of entry is simply them clicking on a link, you’d be foolish not to do something this simple:

  1. Hey FB World, it’s time for Driven Leads to review their solutions, and who better to tell how to improve our business, than our current, past, and possibly even future clients!  Go ahead and leave a response here if you like, or CLICK HERE to leave a review in FB now.
  2. Hi Fans & Friends, did you know that we have a lot of people looking for our solutions on Google, but don’t know if we are the right fit for them?  We’d love you to share your honest experience with them, so they get a better insight into our business.  Just CLICK HERE and tell them/us what you think!

Collecting on Calls

Technology is fantastic, we can record calls, send texts to anyone, and we can stay connected in an instant with our database.  Why not use these solutions to ensure we push to get the most reviews possible?  Here are a few ways to do that:

  1. Hey Mike, real quick while I’ve got you on the phone.  We’d love to hear what you just said on your monthly review online for the world to see/hear.  I’m going to send over a link in email / FB Messenger / Txt for you to do a quick review for us.  That’s the best way for us to continue to improve over here at Driven Leads.
  2.  Hey Sharon, I was wondering if I could record this chat for the fantastic review you just gave us, so I can share it with the team and with others looking at possibly using our solution?  That would mean a lot to us and help us improve our business services at Driven Leads.

Collecting on Video Conferences / In-Office Meetings

Here’s that beautiful technology thing again!  We do a lot of video calls with clients as we review their businesses, and we could easily record those sessions to pull a review out of the call.  Video reviews can be placed on your site, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, heck even inside emails as links.

  1. Hey Ryan, those results are pretty amazing.  Do you mind if I use this video for a quick testimonial on how XYZ solution worked for you in doubling your business in 2019?  We’d love to promote your success and let others like you know we can help them do the same.
  2. Before we end the call, Jen, do you mind if we do a quick testimonial review on how our company has impacted your business since you started working with us?  We’d love to show the world what we can do for others just like you.

4 – Collecting Reviews with a Twist

Offering incentives for reviews can have a massive positive result, but it needs to be done in the right way.  We know several clients and friends that will go out and ask for reviews, much like the examples above and offer to enter them in a drawing every month/quarter/holiday for a prize for honest reviews.  Here is the critical part.  You need to make it optional, you need to ask for HONEST REVIEWS, and they need to be real clients.  Accomplish this by adding a little extra to the messages you are already sending out.

  1. Hey Bob, I didn’t know if you’ve heard yet, but we are doing a review drawing at the end of the month.  If you give us an open & honest review on any platform, we will enter you into the drawing to win a $500 Amazon gift card!  If you’ve already given us a review on Google, do a review on these other platforms.  We are also giving out 3 entries for an audio review and 5 entries for a video review.  We can help you set those up if needed, or send those over to us.

5 – All Reviews are Good Reviews

Don’t dwell on a 1-2-3 star review.  Just use that as a way to improve or a way to reconnect with someone that had a bad experience.  Google, Facebook, & Yelp love to see responses to the reviews that come in.  The businesses that respond intelligently and honestly to those poor reviews will ultimately win more potential business in the long run because you aren’t trying to point fingers, and you are showing a human side to what you do.  The same goes for 4 & 5-star reviews, let those people know that you appreciate their business, and you look forward to building your business relationship.  Being responsive to your reviews will show you are sensitive to all of your clients and their needs.

6 – Get Out There Today, Get Your Reviews

Now is the time, not tomorrow, to start collecting reviews.  If you made it through this long-winded post on how to do this, then I congratulate you, my wife wouldn’t sit this long and listen to me ramble! If you have questions, comments, or concerns on how to get started, just let us know. Regardless of what kind of business/service/solution/product you offer, I will do my best to point you in the right direction and improve your outlook in the next year.