Are you using Google My Business (GMB) or do you even know what GMB is? If you are running any sort of small business, it’s time you get serious about your GMB setup.

Google My Business Intro
Once Google decided to get rid of their social media experience with Google+, they pushed all their cards into the GMB solution. This is in fact a social media platform that can make have a massive positive or negative effect on your business.  If you in fact do not have GMB setup yet, then lets dive into that. If you have your listing created/claimed, then you can scroll past this part.

Getting started with Google My Business
There’s nothing like an easy-to-use digital tool to make a marketing session pass like a dream.  The latest to become a big deal is Google My Business, the search engine’s facility for businesses to create their own company profiles to show up in search results. A profile like this enables you to stand out among your competitors, take control of your reputation, and draw new customers to your business.

How to create your Google My Business listing

Getting Started with Google My Business

Starting from scratch if there is no prior listing is the easiest way to get going. Let’s get started by visiting  the Google My Business homepage.

Click through to start entering your business name, and if somebody has already started to set that company’s profile up then you’ll see it come up in the predictive text. If not, continue typing and you’ll soon be on your way to establishing a new profile.


What to do if your Google My Business listing is already claimed

If you find that your business has already been claimed by someone not currently associated with it, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined on the infographic below.

What if My Business is already Claimed?

How to verify your new Google My Business listing

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for your empire!  To ensure everything is setup properly, Google will make you go through a verification to prove you’re the actual owner of your business.  I mean, did you expect instant gratification with Google?

Verifying Google My Business

Now that we have finished that part, we can move on to the fun stuff!  How to optimize and dominate your market with Google My Business!

Coming Soon… 😊