It’s Not Me, It’s You Google!

Everyone loves the daily call from the unknown number that ends up letting us know that our car warranty is about to expire for the car we haven’t had for five years.  No? Don’t you like those? Well, let me tell you what you have to look forward to if you start running Google Ads for your business! You’ve won an award that comes in the form of a random person calling you, emailing you, and hounding you for an entire quarter until you engage with them about your Google Ads account.  Then, let’s say you make a few changes and think the pain is over. WRONG, as soon as the new quarter starts, the “Google Rep” company shifts one seat over, and you are back to square one with the calls, the advice, and the relentless pursuit of your wallet.

Now, you might be saying to yourself; this isn’t horrible; endless car warranty companies call me, and I never engage with them and sign up for their stuff.  Sure, that is understandable, and I agree that these warranty companies calling sucks, but here at Driven Leads, we manage over 150 Google Ads accounts and get between three to six calls a day after the new quarter starts.

Sure 150 accounts and endless calls sound like a pain, but it’s not as bad as when one of these calls gets to an unsuspecting customer, and the customer listens to the Google suggestions.  These “Google Reps” are being put in quotations because they typically don’t even work for Google. Google has decided that if they pay call centers to push their gospel and try to get people to use their new services, regardless of what type of account it is, they make money, and that is all that matters. They don’t have your business’ success in mind as we do at Driven Leads.

For these reasons and more, we’re happy to handle the brunt of these calls for you. But if one does slip through the cracks, send them our way! We’d love to ensure they don’t mess with something you’ve paid good money to produce for you and not against you.