What is Data Studio?

What exactly is Google Data Studio? In technical terms, Search Engine Journal refers to Data Studio as “a free data visualization tool.” Cool! But what does that actually mean? Google Data Studio is a reporting tool that aggregates all your data into one easy to read, fully customizable, graphical interface. It gives the user the power to show the metrics that are important to them in a way that is easy to understand.

What does Google Data Studio mean to Driven Leads and our customers? Simply put, it is a window into all the inner workings of our client’s campaigns, regardless of what platform they are using. We use Google Data Studio every week to deliver campaign & program results to our customers’ inboxes, and the ultimate reason we chose Google Data Studio over other reporting tools on the market, is because it is 100% customizable and none of our 200+ reports we use are identically the same.

Why Do We Use Data Studio?

Here are some of the benefits to using Google Data Studio

  • Fully Customizable. You can mold your report to show the KPIs you chose and how you want them displayed.
  • Real Time Updates – The data that you are seeing is updated in real time.
  • Connect to almost every data source (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, CallTrackingMetrics, etc)
  • 3rd Party Connectors – Companies like Supermetrics have tools to allow you to connect even more to your report. Most of them have a small monthly fee but well worth it.
  • Google Data Studio itself is FREE!

When you combine Data Studio’s capabilities to deliver actionable data in a clear and concise manner, the ability to customize the appearance of your data in a way that make sense to you, and the fact that it is mostly free – it is a no brainer to use.

Check out an example Data Studio report here!